Silence is spaciousness...

…brimming with potential,

alive with possibility.

A state of surrender in which the new,

the unknown,

the mysterious

may arise.

Welcome to our sanctuary of Artful Contemplation

Here you will find links to resources, tools and practices that

invite you to gently acknowledge yourself by providing opportunities for creative and imaginative self-reflection.

provide artistic inspiration for the visioning of new worlds unburdened by your habitual modes of seeing and conditioned ways of doing.

honor both curiosity and contemplation as ways to restore mental balance and personal equanimity

Restore the inner sanctum of your mind with a 7-day repose of gentle self-reflection prompts

Honor the inner sanctum of 

your Mind with a 7-day repose

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Artful Contemplation is your daily mindfulness practice

Why artful contemplation?

Direct and personal knowing

Artful Contemplation is a personal tool for practicing nous – or higher intelligence – where perception, imagination and higher understanding are integrated in a very direct and personal experience of knowing.

Non-verbal and poetic prompts

It is a reminder that reality extends beyond the ordinary words, concepts, labels and categories we use to define it. Instead, it offers access to a wonder-filled sense of reality through prompts that are non-verbal and poetic.

Clarity, serenity and resilience

Practicing nous promotes mental clarity, serenity and resilience. It allows us to discover and gain confidence in implementing action in the world from our unique points of inspiration and appreciation.

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Explore a selection of resources

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