opening each day with a dose of fresh perspective

joining a 7-day repose

It is just the right time for joining a journey and pondering the wonder-filled moments that lie within your reach.

Signing up will present you with one daily prompting for 7 days, invitations for contemplating the world from the perspective of p’u.

Spending a few minutes each day,

wandering and wondering,

ambling and pondering,

finding delight and affirmation in what arises spontaneously before you.

Winnie the Pooh with his head in a pot of honey, following the simple pleasures of life, is the prompt of Artful Contemplation

How do I know if the 7-day repose is right for me?

(Well, you can't know...and we don't know either...that's why it might end up being precisely the repose you are looking for... So it might be more worthwhile asking these few simple questions...)

  • Am I feeling like an ostrich with its head buried in the ground, afraid to look up and around me?
  • Am I feeling as though I have been flowing against the current of life like a salmon swimming upstream?
  • Is my pot of creative juices appearing depleted and in need of refilling?
  • Is the world seeming bleak, grey and lifeless right now?
  • Am I seeking a dash of creativity and a dot of inspiration? 

If the answer is “Yes!”…then the 7-day repose may prove to be what you are looking for.

I opened two gifts this morning. They were my eyes.

A repose is an opportunity to take a break – in this case, from your usual, habitual way of seeing the world by receiving a daily prompt that wil…

The 7-day repose is one of our free offerings. You are welcome to sign up with no obligations or expectations. And we will use the email address you sign up with to only send you a daily prompt for 7-days.

The 7-day repose is an online offering. Every day for 7 days you will receive an email containing a visual mantra and a few self-reflection prompts that you can ponder in your own time. You can get an idea of what a daily prompt would look like here.

How to commission a visual mantra for personalised contemplation and affirmation