a way of perceiving the world

When I create an artwork, it's an improvisation, it's impulsive.

“Art is a way of life, a method of being, a way of perceiving the world.”

Tim Slowinski, 1978

Today’s Daily Artful Contemplation post is in honor of SLOW ART DAY (6 April 2019).

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.
(Henry David Thoreau)

Slow Art Day is a global event with a simple mission: help more people discover for themselves the joy of looking at and loving art.

Why slow?

When people look slowly at a piece of art they make discoveries.

Slow Art Day

Take at least 10 minutes to immerse yourself in this epic intricate artwork created by intuitive artist Lanon Carl Prigge for Artful Contemplation. And then (casually and comfortably, with no goal other than to share) discuss your experience with someone.

An epic intuitive artwork by Lanon Carl Prigge demonstrating the power of a liberated imagination, and available for Artful Contemplation.

When I create an artwork, it’s an improvisation, it’s impulsive. There is very little thought about what I am looking for. I am waiting for a moment, for something to happen.
I am attracted to color and movement, and the moment when these two come together in the artwork.

When I paint, I find I AM, I find I am able to BE. It is relaxation, meditation, work and play.
Do I paint pictures, or is it that through this practice I am painted into being? For now, I cannot make answer.
Is there really need for one?

artist, Lanon Prigge
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We are each on a unique unfolding path called Life. Art, improvisation and mindfulness are ways of keeping connected to our creative source and available to impulses for flourishing.

One thought on “a way of perceiving the world

  1. How peculiar and yet intimately familiar is the concrescence that occurs when the witness finds itself mute witness…to itself. It marks a return of the impulse to its origin. The final destination is a paradoxical and prodigal return to where it all began. And in a flash it is discovered that, in fact, no departure ever took place. The alpha is the omega. The witness alone survives such realization, and alone persists; ecstatic and immutable as love.

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