Art Talisman Contest Terms & Conditions

Interested in entering our IG Personal Art Talisman Contest? Full Terms and Conditions for free and fair participation are listed here.

Everything you need to know about participating freely and fairly in our IG Personal Art Talisman Contest is listed here. Read on.

How to enter

  1. Follow @artful_contemplation on Instagram (if you aren’t already doing so).
  2. Tag a friend (who is not already a follower of ours) in the comment section of the contest post on our IG profile.
  3. Follow this link to subscribe to Artful Contemplation (our weekly e-letter) and enter the contest. You will need to provide your name and email address. Link is also in our IG bio.

Participation requirements

  1. Anyone over the age of 18 years can enter.
  2. No upfront purchase or entrance fee required.
  3. One entry per participant only.
  4. Participants of any nationality and geographic location welcome. Just note that English will be the primary language used for communications.
  5. Participants need a valid email account for double opt-in subscription to Artful Contemplation, as well as sending and receiving contest communications.
  6. Participants agree to abide by any rules and regulations applicable to Instagram for the duration of the contest.
  7. The contest opens at 17:00 (Central African Time) on Friday 2 August 2019 and ends at 23:00 (Central African Time) on Friday 9 August 2019.

The winner

  1. The winner will be randomly chosen. All participants will be assigned a randomly generated number, and a winning number will be randomly generated (using the True Random Number Generator available at
  2. The winner will be notified by Instagram DM and/or email.
  3. Notification of the winner will be made within 24 hours of the contest ending.
  4. An announcement of the winner will also be made on our @artful_contemplation story.
  5. The winner will need to submit a photograph (not a selfie) in order to have their intuitive art talisman commissioned. Full requirements will be given to the winner via email and/or DM.

The prize

  1. The prize will be delivered in the form of a downloadable digital fine art print within 14 days of the winner being notified OR once the artist has received a suitable photograph to complete the commission.
  2. The winner will be sent a unique and secure link to claim their prize via DM and/or email.
  3. Although we highly recommend appreciating the art talisman in the digital format in which it was created, the winner does have the right to make a single hard copy (onto fine art paper, canvas, metal or other material) of the artwork for personal use. Should the winner need our assistance and suggestions with this process, they may contact us via email. We do have a reliable and high-quality printing company in South Africa that we use for own purposes in this regard. Should the winner take this option, all printing, shipping, transport and custom fee costs will be for the winner’s own account.
  4. The winner does not have the right to resell the artwork or use it for commercial purposes.
  5. Should the winner want to know more about how to maximize the benefits of their intuitive art talisman, we suggest reading this blog post.

The organizers

The Intuitive Art Talisman Contest is being solely administered by the initiators of Artful Contemplation. It is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by Instagram. By entering this contest, participants are agreeing to release Instagram of any accountability for the contest proceedings.

For any other questions or concerns, please fill in the contact form below.