Captured states

State Capture, digital artwork by self-taught South African artist Lanon Carl Prigge from The Mind the Matrix Collection (2019).

South Africa is a land of great contrast.

The microcosm and the macrocosm reflect each other in this contrast. The environment ranges from snow-capped mountains to lush subtropical coastline, sandy desert to thorny savanna, verdant winelands to far-sweeping grasslands.

There are 10 official national languages although over 35 indigenous languages are spoken on a daily basis. The country is home to several ethnicities, many tribes and many more factions and subgroups. It is not referred to as the Rainbow Nation for nothing.

Living with such contrast can be breathtakingly beautiful. It can also be ruthlessly devastating. No “eh”or “so-so” or half measures. It is easy to get swept away by currents of contradiction, caught up in narratives of comparison.

capture (verb) Take into one’s possession or control by force. Record accurately in words and pictures.

Artful Contemplation offers a practice of daily mindfulness to transform ‘state capture’ into the ‘capturing of states’. With daily practice of Artful Contemplation, it is possible to experience full engagement simultaneously with lucid thought, and sensual immersion with sensory discernment.

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