Soothe your soul

Art is contemplation. It is the pleasure of the mind which searches into nature and there defines the spirit of which Nature herself is animated.

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Linger longer

Linger longer. The art of contemplation requires slowness, a slowing down from the usual pace of daily doings.

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Immerse yourself

The artwork speaks in a language other than that of words, signs and icons, so the best is to immerse yourself in its metascape for deepened contemplation and personal realization.

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Slow looking, deep discoveries

Slow looking, deep discoveries. The creation of an intuitive artwork is part of a larger movement of which the artist find him or herself.

An intuitive artwork from The Dragon Dreams Collection freely available for daily Artful Contemplation. Also available to rent or buy on Sedition.

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In the twinkle of an eye

Curiosity and contemplation are the twin fuels of life. Artful Contemplation keeps our personal spark of curiosity alive and offers deep contemplation.

Pause. Notice your breathing. Pay attention to the chair you are sitting on. Now let your eyes wander. And let your mind wonder. Daily Artful Contemplation is a gentle reminder of our intrinsic capacity to explore the infinite realms of perception.

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