Intuition is a feeling

Intuitive and visionary artworks provide the opportunity for contemplation through slowing down and tuning in.

Let your intuition lead the way in this Artful Contemplation exercise. Select one of the images you resonate with and see where it takes you.

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A finger to the pulse

A daily practice of mindfulness will support the artist to find the gentle courage and calm perseverance necessary to safely navigate unchartered realms.

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Do you trust?

Intuitive art is a movement that begins in the artist and finds expression through whatever media or materials are available. It is personal and practical.

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Look while leaping

There is no other path but the path beneath your feet. When we leap while we look (rather than looking before we leap) we become intuitive – trusting our innate capacity to work with what comes our way without trying to predict and control the outcome of every move.

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Visioning is universal

Visioning is universal and available to all...⁣ IF⁣ ...when we encounter an object, we remain silent and use intuition and visualisation...we don't gossip and prattle or jump to conclusions...⁣ THEN⁣ ...we experience every episode, every thing, every body as unique. ⁣Creative rapture is the elixir of life.

[The visionary’s] mind soars like the fabulous homa bird or the heraldic bird of chivalry, the martlet. These birds never touch the earth, the martlet not even having feet. Vision is in all great minds. Ted Falconar, Creative Intelligence and Self-Liberation, 2000 The creative person enters the Unspeakable and translates what they feel…most of it […]

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