Before your very eyes

What happens when people you know well, things you hold dear, places you frequently visit, start dissolving before your very eyes?

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Getting high on art

Now is the time to redefine high art and bring it down to earth. Art reflective of the shamanic or hallucinatory journey is ‘high’ art. So is art that emerges from the nous in a state of surrender.

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Entranced. Dance.

When we simply peer at art, we stand apart. When we step forward, engage with an artwork, allow it to lead us, then we can be entranced - be given entrance to realms of infinite diversity and significance.

When we simply peer at art, we stand apart. Your inner shaman is the en-trance, the gateway, the sliding scale into infinite mystery. Enter. Dance.

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Babbling is for brooks

Can we forget our verbal conditioning and enter the Unspeakable to see what the visionary artist sees?

Can we forget our knowledge and leave the world of verbal conditioning to see beyond the five senses? Can we enter the Unspeakable?

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Visioning is universal

Visioning is universal and available to all...⁣ IF⁣ ...when we encounter an object, we remain silent and use intuition and visualisation...we don't gossip and prattle or jump to conclusions...⁣ THEN⁣ ...we experience every episode, every thing, every body as unique. ⁣Creative rapture is the elixir of life.

[The visionary’s] mind soars like the fabulous homa bird or the heraldic bird of chivalry, the martlet. These birds never touch the earth, the martlet not even having feet. Vision is in all great minds. Ted Falconar, Creative Intelligence and Self-Liberation, 2000 The creative person enters the Unspeakable and translates what they feel…most of it […]

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