Clear your mind (part 4)

Meditation is the clearing out of the mind so that it can see without distortion brought about by our schooling and memory.

Ted Falconar
Clear your mind by contemplating this meditative artwork and the words of visionary writers and philosophers on mindfulness and illumination.
Section of the digital painting, A leap to reverence, for contemplation by Lanon Prigge.

The mystic understands that the mind is like a flashlight in search of the nature of darkness: the more he searches, the more he chases it away, and so the mystic shifts from “The Creative” to “The Receptive”, turns off the mind, and allows the darkness to communicate with him.

William Irwin Thompson

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Let your eyes wander, let your mind wonder. An intuitive artwork for daily mindfulness practice through Artful Contemplation.

A daily practice of mindfulness calls on us to contemplate the deep reality that things (whether these be emotions, people, objects, thoughts) are always mutually arising with other things.” (Read more)

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