Come to your senses (part 7)




“It hurts to feel. Awakening brings pain as well as ecstasy, and there is no sure way around the ache. Beyond the pain, only the unknown…”

Awareness destroys tradition, states George B. Leonard in his guide to the inevitable changes that are happening in humankind. Awakening brings pain but also ecstasy. This is how you come to your senses.
A section of the artwork, Dragon dreams of fears extinguished, heralding the liberation of human imagination and transformation of human experience

Awareness destroys tradition…

Awareness more than any other single thing IS the transformation.

George B. Leonard, The Transformation: A Guide to the Inevitable Changes in Humankind

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This artwork will become available for digital download (limited offer) after the final post in this series, Come to your senses (part 8). Stay attuned. Extinguish your fears.

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