Many have said it: investing in yourself is the greatest investment you can make. But this investment is often understood to mean adding value by being more than, better than, improved upon. What if investing in yourself was as simple as seeing yourself reflected, recognizing the worth that you already are, accepting and deepening the truth of an unchanging core?

The purpose of a talisman

A talisman is a tool for stirring the divinity and igniting the creativity that already resides within you. It is a symbol to remind you of your wholeness.

The word “Talisman” is derived from the Greek verb “teleo,” which means, primarily, to accomplish or bring into effect (World Spirituality). Unlike a charm which has short term effects, or an amulet which is a culturally-agreed upon symbol usually worn as an ornament or accessory, a talisman may offer long-term personalized benefits through dedicated engagement and deep connection.

A talisman holds significance for an individual by bridging the visible and invisible aspects of their unique experience. A talisman can be crafted or found but captures within it elemental forces that The power of a talisman can be translated and felt as an immediate tangible effect under certain conditions.

As an object of personal power, a talisman invites integration, healing, illumination, acceptance, fortitude and resilience.

The benefits of an art talisman

Art always emerges from the intersection between the mysterious and the obvious. It is the bridge between the invisible and the tangible. The visual artist primarily marries the dynamic forces of existence through color, light and form. The musician or performing artist marries the dynamic forces of existence through sound and movement. But these categories are simply markers. Many artists transcend these distinctions and explore across and within the multiple dimensions of human experience.

At the deepest level, the creative process and the healing process arise from a single source. When you are an artist, you are a healer; a wordless trust of the same mystery is the foundation of your work and its integrity.


A singular force pulls or pushes towards a state of increasing imbalance. The power of art to access multiple dimensions and speak in multiple languages is its healing capacity. Art always offers a bridge to restore equilibrium. So all art is therapeutic and cathartic, although the capacity of some artworks to heal extends wider than others. 

When artists give form to revelation, their art can advance, deepen and potentially transform the consciousness of their community.

Alex Grey

An artwork created under conditions of mindfulness, intuition, empathy and self-care is an artwork rich in restoration power for others. The artist that is healed by their art making, may offer this healing potential to others. 

When you commission an art talisman, you are inviting the opportunity for a highly personal contemplation tool to emerge.

How can I benefit from an art talisman?⁠

The value of an art talisman is directly dependent on your investment in it. It has the power to energize, heal, protect, balance, calm and illuminate you with regular engagement.

In your daily busyness, an art talisman can become a restore point – an intimate sanctuary that offers integration and rejuvenation. The potential impact of your art talisman will exponentially increase as you practice deepening curiosity and contemplation. ⁠


I have been so lucky to have journeyed with my talisman for a few months and it is difficult to describe how moved I have been by its presence.

In 2019, Klara was in the throes of completing her PhD in Clown Theatre when she commissioned her art talisman. At the time, she was feeling the pressures of academic research and deadlines. 

“I have placed my talisman in different spaces of our home, sometimes next to my bed as a world to fall into when I struggle to sleep, at other times next to my laptop as a place I can visit when my thoughts overwhelm me. But most often next to my meditation stool.

What has fascinated me most is that it has opened me up to whole galaxies that have drawn me in, spaces that feel completely different each time I go back. A treasure chest of new experiences that I am so grateful to have access to.”

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