Letting go (part four)

“I am listening to a symphony of colour, motion and light.⁠
I watch an ancient dance of perpetual emergence,⁠
and I remain always,⁠
alone and adrift in an infinity of potential:⁠
awake. ⁠
I remain present in awareness.⁠
As if from a great but unfathomably intimate height, I simply watch the artwork unfold,
Doing not a thing.⁠”

Quantum artist, Lanon Carl Prigge, describes the process of intuitive painting as letting go, remaining open to possibility and attuning to the metascape.
Close-up of part of the artwork, Dragon dreams of lost hope, by Lanon Carl Prigge

The mood here is the mood of the metascape. ⁠
The vibration attunes me. I do not have to like it. ⁠
I do not have to claim it, possess it. ⁠
It is not mine to judge. It is not my responsibility. ⁠

My task is simply to discover it,⁠
And to paint a bridge for others to cross.”⁠

Quantum artist, Lanon Carl Prigge

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