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Slow Art Day takes place on Saturday 6 April this year. So this week we’ll be posting one of our intuitive artworks daily in honor of lingering longer, and finding deep contemplation, through art. Join us in this space of mindful co-creativity.

In honor of Slow Art Day 2019, peer into this intuitive artwork from The Dragon Dreams Collection for daily Artful Contemplation.

Slow Art is “a dynamic relationship that transpires between [art] objects and observers…changing the way we look changes the things we look at.”

“Is a picture made in a single moment? No, it is built up piece-by-piece, just like a house. And the spectator—is his looking done in a single moment?” (Paul Klee)

Extracts from What is slow art?

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We are each on a unique unfolding path called Life. Art, improvisation and mindfulness are ways of keeping connected to our creative source and available to impulses for flourishing.

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