Moving eyes, still mind

We read the world with our eyes more than any other sense. How we look and what we look at is strongly connected to our ego identity. 

Wandering through an artwork with eyes wide-open can be a meditation of the eyes, like walking a labyrinth in the visual fields of being. The movements of the eyes have a stroking effect. A soothing effect. A widening and deepening effect.

“When we look beyond the veils of memory and words, the world is transformed.” ⠀

Ted Falconar, Creative Intelligence and Self-Liberation

The sun penetrates the mist and I find myself in a world of dazzling light and the rain running down the beeches is like a tide of green blood and fire; its waves sparkling in the sunlight…We have as many lovely things here as on the Mountain of Butterflies but we lack only the vision to see them.

Ted Falconar, Gardens of Meditation

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