Never enough

Today's Artful Contemplation with intuitive artwork The Sister Star by Lanon Carl Prigge, invites you to consider the nature of life's mystery, and our challenge to find signs and symbols that will best translate it.
The Sister Star in The Guild of Stars Collection by intuitive Lanon Carl Prigge

My words point to the ineffable, they are not the ineffable.

My gestures express the mystery, they are not the mystery.

My feelings connect with the intangible, they are not the intangible.

My thoughts crystallize the mystery, they are not the mystery.

Words can never be enough to express gratitude and love for those around us, but we must use them nonetheless.

Art allows us to come very, very close to the heart of the mystery. But even then, we must translate. We are both liberated and constrained by our signs and symbols.

The mystery remains, mysterious.

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