Nurture your nature

There may be times that we need to give ourselves permission to go slow, to bloom late, to nurture our nature.

Epic digital painting, This blooming fellowship with nature by Lanon Carl Prigge (2019), available to purchase.

Our unique nature may require a timing and a rhythm of evolution that does not fit in with the way of the status quo. We may be labelled ‘slow’, ‘average’, ‘lazy’, ‘behind’, ‘sluggish’.

We may also learn from each other – letting the nature of others nurture our desire to experience a new rhythm, a changed heartbeat, a different perspective of time.⠀

So many things in our life are regulated.
Drive this way! No entry here! Go there! Choose this! Like that!
In the empty space of improvisation this all collapses.
No walls. No door. No “go to bed, it’s 3 ‘o clock”.
The empty space knows nothing about 3 ‘o clock.

Lanon Carl Prigge, notes on The Empty Space

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