Perfect imperfection

Nature is rebellious in its infatuation with diversity and its incessant flirtation with novelty. 

For you fill my dreams with color, an intuitive digital artwork by Lanon Carl Prigge, captures the depth and diversity of nature. Contemplating nature reveals to us that there is perfection in imperfection.
For you fill my dreams with color, an intuitive artwork by Lanon Carl Prigge that evokes the diverse imperfection of nature

Nature knows that it is precisely when the eye is challenged that it begins……to conjure

That is, it takes nothing for granted.

It strives to see beyond what is most obviously there. 

It peers into the Metascape. 

It sees with inner sight.

That is, it sees the ‘naked now’. 

There can be no imperfection in nature, for perfection is nowhere to be found.

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