“May I please have a breakdown?” and other social niceties for personal transformation

A tongue-in-cheek response to the current ‘good vibes only’ code of spiritual practice, written for all those experiencing the intensity of personal transition and transformation.

May I please have a breakdown? A tongue-in-cheek response to the current 'good vibes only' code of spirituality, written for all those experiencing transition and personal transformation. Contemplate the intuitive artwork Dragon dreams of despair, for personal illumination.
Dragon dreams of despair, artwork for contemplation and personal transformation

May I please have a breakdown?

Just a few moments to unravel a lifetime of conditioned responses.

I realize the inconvenience I am causing (I do apologize) but would you mind terribly if I turned into a monster for a while as I transition from a cultivated citizen to a new, authentic being?

If it’s not too much bother, could I kick, scream, shout and hiss, possibly even bare my teeth, as I move fearfully from inside the cage I have known for so many years out into the unknown beyond?

Again, I do apologize – it must be very irksome for you. It’s just that I wasn’t given the tools for this new space of being. I still carry my old well-worn tools and they are not serving me very well, it seems. So I have fallen back on using some instinctive tools – anger, rage, disgust, savagery.

I realize they are not very attractive and they can’t be easily filtered or modified. I must be wrecking your aesthetic of ‘good vibes only’.

But please, please may I have a breakdown?

Just a few moments to unravel a lifetime of complexities.

I promise, you’ll like the new me.

Well…actually…No, I can’t promise that.

But I promise that I WILL be new and I WILL be true.

In the process of personal transformation, can we allow ourselves to be where we are, to settle in to the present moment, no matter what is unfolding? In the words of Confucius, "Wherever you go, there are you".

Wherever you go, there you are.


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