Invest in yourself

A daily mindfulness prompt that puts the emphasis on self-investment

To practice Artful Contemplation is to give yourself permission to peer into the great beyond with a sense of adventure and possibility. And where the impulse is strongest, to contemplate transgressing the boundary and entering the unknown. At this edge, you feel most alive. At this edge, you sense there is more to you than meets the eye. At this edge, the ordinary becomes extra-ordinary.

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Invest in yourself through Artful Contemplation
Close-up of metascape painting, A Flare in the Lantern (copyright Lanon Prigge), for daily Artful Contemplation

…artworks open up a field of pure possibilities for us as viewers, a ‘potential’ space that invites our co-creativity: ‘the ‘space’ of the painting and the ‘space of the viewer are to blend into a common space, and it is in and out of this common space that the work of creation is to occur.(George Pattison)

It is when you “encounter the work…appropriate a personal meaning…and re-imagine it”, that you honor the artist and complete the gesture that they began through the artwork.

Revd Jonathan Evens, Bill Viola and the art of contemplation
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We are each on a unique unfolding path called Life. Art, improvisation and mindfulness are ways of keeping connected to our creative source and available to impulses for flourishing.

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