Sustainability is personal

Sustainability is not only environmental, as in out there.

Sustainability is also personal, as in in here.

When we consider that each human being is molding and shaping a unique life on the canvas of the earth, then Art is sustainability.

Sustainability is not only about managing resources of fossil fuel, water, food, air. But also those of creativity, imagination, trusting and being.

Sustainability is the ability to be supported, upheld or confirmed. It is about relationship, interaction, exchange. This means finding a balance between our authentic needs and those of others. The truth is that we do not always see eye to eye. We do not always dance to the same tune. So how do we support others while we ourselves are asking to be upheld? A creative balancing act, for sure…

Sustainability is always economic because it is always about managing available resources. Not only coal, fresh water, food, clean air. But resources of creativity, imagination, trusting and being.

That’s what creativity is: to pulsate in absolute harmony with the total…Whatsoever you do, if you do it joyfully, if you do it lovingly, if your act of doing is not purely economic, then it is creative…it is divine.

Osho, Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within
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We are each on a unique unfolding path called Life. Art, improvisation and mindfulness are ways of keeping connected to our creative source and available to impulses for flourishing.

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