Intuition is a feeling

Intuitive and visionary artworks provide the opportunity for contemplation through slowing down and tuning in.

Let your intuition lead the way in this Artful Contemplation exercise. Select one of the images you resonate with and see where it takes you.

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Linger longer

Linger longer. The art of contemplation requires slowness, a slowing down from the usual pace of daily doings.

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Peer in, reach far

Peer in, reach far. The artist’s effort is that of continuously falling into the gap of unknowing. Buy this intricate artwork for daily mindfulness.

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Mindfulness practice through training trees

Like daily mindfulness practice, training a bonsai tree is high-risk artistry.

Mindfulness practice, like bonsai training, can be viewed as an artistic representation of our true nature – and requires daily doing over an extended period of time. But this should not be too daunting when we contemplate that art is a special kind of doing – one that is best approached in a non-competitive spirit, in a state of curiosity and contemplation, with senses attuned, and heart wide-open.

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Follow the silence

Follow the silence of intuitive art as a daily mindfulness practice.

Follow the silence. Practice simple daily mindfulness through the Artful Contemplation of intuitive artworks. Subscribe to receive a daily reminder.

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Immerse yourself

The artwork speaks in a language other than that of words, signs and icons, so the best is to immerse yourself in its metascape for deepened contemplation and personal realization.

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