How to not mind mindfulness

Here I sit, wondering why I feel so anxious, so on edge. After all, I am reading through an extensive archive of mindfulness quotes on a reputable website for mindfulness practice. These are quotes written by sages, masters, gurus and coaches reminding me how to be calm, how to find serenity, inviting me to remainContinue reading “How to not mind mindfulness”

More than a moment

Slow Art Day takes place on Saturday 6 April this year. So this week we’ll be posting one of our intuitive artworks daily in honor of lingering longer, and finding deep contemplation, through art. Join us in this space of mindful co-creativity.

Mindfulness practice through training trees

To capture the intrinsic beauty of the weathered trees as they appear on the rocky crags of Japan, bonsai artists spend hours of effort on sustained nurturing of a single tree. The effort is not one of control or manipulation. It is an art of supporting a growth pattern that is already evident. It is implicit faith in, and patience with, the emergence of a unique spirit. It is a high-risk artistry requiring daily attention.

How to practice artful curiosity and contemplation

Curiosity and contemplation are the twin fuels of life. Culture has a way of containing curiosity and diminishing contemplation. Artful Contemplation is a daily prompt for activating curiosity and deepening contemplation through the power of engaging with art.