How to not mind mindfulness

Here I sit, wondering why I feel so anxious, so on edge. After all, I am reading through an extensive archive of mindfulness quotes on a reputable website for mindfulness practice. These are quotes written by sages, masters, gurus and coaches reminding me how to be calm, how to find serenity, inviting me to remain […]

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Clear your mind (part 3)

Find a different angle to approach the familiar through contemplating the intuitive artwork, A leap to reverence, and the insights offered by Ted Falconar on creative intelligence.

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Clear your mind (part 1)

What is the purpose of mindfulness? How do you clear your mind to enter a state of creative rapture? Artful Contemplation (in four parts) offers insight.

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The unfolding

Not all action needs to be acted upon. Some action needs us to be mindful, to be moved – to be present to an unfolding that exceeds our capacity to control it.

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Mindfulness practice through training trees

Like daily mindfulness practice, training a bonsai tree is high-risk artistry.

To capture the intrinsic beauty of the weathered trees as they appear on the rocky crags of Japan, bonsai artists spend hours of effort on sustained nurturing of a single tree. The effort is not one of control or manipulation. It is an art of supporting a growth pattern that is already evident. It is implicit faith in, and patience with, the emergence of a unique spirit. It is a high-risk artistry requiring daily attention.

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Follow the silence

Follow the silence of intuitive art as a daily mindfulness practice.

Follow the silence. Practice simple daily mindfulness through the Artful Contemplation of intuitive artworks. Subscribe to receive a daily reminder.

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Settle down, settle in.

Our need for stillness, silence and personal sanctuary increases in proportion to the speed, intensity and sociability of our lives. Like any mindfulness practice, Artful Contemplation offers us the opportunity to slow down, settle in, pay attention and appreciate what is right before us.

Settle down to enter the metascape of daily Artful Contemplation. Settle in to pay attention and appreciate what is right before you.

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