Come to your senses (part 8)

You. Are. Here. Now. What pleases your eye? “No one can guarantee a hard and fast picture of the future, for surprise is its very nature. But we can become aware of what has already changed and is changing.” To understand the Transformation, pay attention. George B. Leonard, The Transformation: A Guide to the Inevitable […]

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Pay heed to the hidden

To heed is to pay careful attention, to attend to and take possession of. According to Gaston Bachelard, a creature in hiding is simply preparing for a sudden outburst, an explosion of being.

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Settle down, settle in.

Our need for stillness, silence and personal sanctuary increases in proportion to the speed, intensity and sociability of our lives. Like any mindfulness practice, Artful Contemplation offers us the opportunity to slow down, settle in, pay attention and appreciate what is right before us.

Settle down to enter the metascape of daily Artful Contemplation. Settle in to pay attention and appreciate what is right before you.

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