Nurture your nature

Our unique nature may require a timing and rhythm of evolution that does not fit in with the status quo. We may also learn from the timing of others.

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What you see is what you get

Linger longer. Peer in. Dive in. Tune in. Turn in. The slow looking of Artful Contemplation offers the opportunity to see things afresh, from many sides.

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Insight and intuition

When I create an artwork, it's an improvisation, it's impulsive.

In honor of Slow Art Day, take at least 10 minutes to immerse yourself in this epic intricate artwork created by intuitive artist Lanon Carl Prigge for Artful Contemplation. And then (casually and comfortably, with no goal other than to share) discuss your experience with someone.

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Slow looking, deep discoveries

Slow looking, deep discoveries. The creation of an intuitive artwork is part of a larger movement of which the artist find him or herself.

An intuitive artwork from The Dragon Dreams Collection freely available for daily Artful Contemplation. Also available to rent or buy on Sedition.

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