What is Slow Looking and how can I benefit from it?

Slow Looking is a contemplative practice that you can do on your own and on a regular basis.

Do I need prior training or experience for Slow Looking?

Definitely not. Slow Looking is a practice that activates your imagination and intuition, creative faculties that are innate. With regular practice, you may find it easier to sit for longer periods of time and deepen your contemplation, but all you need to start off with is a few minutes every day to be alone, to be still, and to be open to receiving fresh insights.

What are the benefits of Slow Looking?
Slow Looking immediately brings about a sense of time slowing down and gaps opening up between your thoughts. This leads to overall feelings of relief and relaxation, and of tension being released. With your imagination and intuition activated, you may experience feeling more optimistic, hopeful and excited about what life brings.